Oakville Wedding :: Martina+Rob

Hey Gang!

A little bit of rain was not going to put a damper on this gorgeous Oakville wedding!  Martina & Rob’s day was an epic Croatian party!!  We saw our fair share of Croatians down shots of Sljivovica and still be on their feet well past 1 am, dancing up a storm…it was truly awesome!  An incredible wedding day full of beautiful memories.  Here is how the new Mr & Mrs remember their day…

He Said:

When I saw her in her wedding dress… I told her she looked beautiful.  I forget a lot of the time and she reminds me when I forget.  However this time I definitely remembered.

My favourite moment….I had a few favorite moments.  My first dance with my wife, my dance with my mom and the song with my dad.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…there were a few things.  In the morning I received a wedding package from Martina which included a bottle of rye and can of gingerale (my drink of preference) and Socks (not to get cold feet). Wasn’t expecting it, but was nice. Also I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional at various parts of the day, as I don’t really consider myself an emotional person lol….I guess not.  Also I didn’t expect the priest to officially announce Martina and myself as husband and wife officially by stating her last name in Church.

She Said:

When I first saw him all dressed up….I felt elated. He looked handsome, of course, but seeing him just made me feel like I was home.  Despite all of the preparations and surrounding people, in that moment, it was just the two of us.

My favourite moment…How to choose just one?  One of the favorites was the whole experience of the morning of the wedding – the pickup at my house.   The excitement and buildup of the family, guests, my beautiful bridesmaids, and the support from everyone really set the tone for an amazing day.  Seeing Rob’s face for the first time when I saw him at the door made me feel like we were in sync from the first moment, and we were ready to do this together. Spending the rest of the night on the dance floor and having fun together definitely emphasized that connection. Another favorite moment was the dance with my father.  Although we shared many moments throughout the years, in that time I felt like I knew him better than I had before, like we closer than we had ever been.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…With a wedding of that calibre, one should always expect the unexpected, but on our particular day our friends and family really helped make everything go perfectly, so much so, that neither the priest pronouncing Rob “Mr. Pavic”, ripped groomsman’s pants, leaving someone behind, nor rain could slow down the party. Everyone’s laid back attitude made for the best day.  I have to say that a pleasant surprise was when, upon entering the hall,  we were presented with framed photo of us walking down the isle shortly after we had been pronounced husband and wife. That photo perfectly captured the sentiments of the day – natural, easy going and just pure joy.

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