BLINK :: Riley+Andrew

Hey Gang!

When you have a young daughter it is hard to believe that one day, she will be all grown up. It seems impossible that the sweet baby you hold at the hospital will grow into a young woman. All you wish for your daughter is to be happy and successful at whatever brings her joy in life, but it is hard to imagine when you first look at that round face that she won’t always fit in your arms.

One day that baby will go to school, and the next she’ll be going to school dances. One day she will be asking for a ride to a friend’s house and the next she’ll ask for the keys to the car. One day that sweet daughter will ask to play dress up in her mom’s old clothes and the next she’ll ask for her mother’s veil to wear on her wedding day.

When Riley told me that she had her mother’s veil altered to suit her own personal style for her wedding day, my heart melted. What a meaningful piece to have on one of the most important days of her life. When I captured this moment, I remember the laughter in the room between Riley, her mother and her bridesmaids. I remember the occasional deep breath that she took and I assume it had something to do with the importance of the day. And I remember the stillness in the room as Riley put her last piece of jewelry on and her mother sat across from her, looking at her beautiful daughter. I don’t know exactly what Riley’s mom was thinking in that moment, but I imagine that at some point she thought about how quickly time had passed from the day she herself wore that veil. One minute she was a young bride and *blink* the next it was her daughter. Who knows, maybe Riley will have the same experience one day *wink*…I am just glad that I was able to capture this moment for her.

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