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Hey Gang!

One thing that has become a tradition I’ve noticed between a bride and groom is exchanging notes or gifts the morning of the wedding. Usually it is through a bridesmaid or a groomsmen, so that they don’t see each other prior to being all dressed up – but witnessing them open these gifts is pretty incredible.

Sometimes the gifts are funny,¬†sentimental, or practical, but they are always precious. I’ve seen a lot, and I’ve loved it all. You learn a lot about a couple and who they are as individuals by the notes they write and the gifts they give/receive. I’ve never looked at a note exchanged by a couple, but the expression on the person’s face as they read it says so much!

At Amber & Jamie’s wedding, the moment she opened her gift was just beautiful. Jamie’s mother passed away when he was a child. When Amber opened the box he gave her, she found his mother’s watch….his most cherished possession. I can’t even begin to describe the emotion in the room when she realized what she had just received. That gift, almost more so than the engagement ring, says “Be my family” and there isn’t a more perfect way to start a wedding day.

It was a busy morning as most are the day of a wedding. But there was a time that day when everything stood still. An incredibly quite and soft moment as Amber opened her gift and in a *blink* it was gone. Tears had to be dried, and there was a ceremony to get to! But when Jamie sees this photo of his wife, he will be brought back to the time when she truly became his family.

Come back soon to see more from their beautiful Fall wedding day.

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