Muskoka Wedding :: Amber+Jamie

Hey Gang!

Amber & Jamie’s beautiful fall wedding was something out of a fairy tale…is it any wonder that they met at a place called “The Palace”?! *LOL*

It was New Years Eve, 2007, and they were both with their own group of friends. One of Amber’s friends saw him and invited him to come over with them. They must have been making eyes at each other because the next thing they knew, Amber’s friend was pushing her into Jamie as if they were at a high school dance. Amber said “I think she wants us to dance” and Jamie said “well then we better.” They dance and then he bought her a drink. After that they went down to trappers and danced together some more. It was like they were the only two people in the room. They sat and chatted for a long time and eventually kissed making it their first kisses of 2007. As they were chatting Jamie fell off his stool so Amber made a pun saying “you must be falling for me.” and Jamie laughed.

They left and Amber got separated from her friends so he shared a cab with her home to her parents house where she and her friends were staying that night. He asked for her number and then kissed her goodbye.

Skip to two weeks later and he hadn’t called! So Amber was over it!! Later she found out he talked to his room mate about her and wanted to call but was so shy that he couldn’t. They saw each other at another party and again they spent the entire night together. He was so nervous around her that he was literally shaking. The next week he got his wisdom teeth out and Amber sent him a facebook message saying that she hoped he felt better. They talked a bit and then Amber asked Jamie to go to the movies, which of course he said yes to *wink*. When she read the message she ran around the house telling her roommates at the time, one of them being her bridesmaid Alex. A few days later they went to see Smoking Aces and Amber remembers concentrating so hard on the story and trying to figure it all out so that Jamie didn’t think she was an idiot when they talked about the movie later. It ended up not being that complicated, she just stressed herself out. From there they talked on MSN all the time and saw each other every weekend because Amber was in school in Brampton at the time. From then on the rest is history…now they’re MARRIED!

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