Montecassino Banquet Hall Wedding :: Natalia+Ihor

Hey Gang!

We could not have been more in awe of the dancing that went on at this wedding!!  Coverage wise, it was a long day – but it didn’t feel like it!  We were so pumped to be there and with cameras in our hands, we were like kids in a candy store.  Everywhere we turned, there was someone being picked up, spun around or helicoptered in the middle of the dance floor *lol*  It was definitely a first!!

We’ll always remember this wedding for the dancing (obviously!!), the love and the sense of community…here is how Natalia & Ihor remember their beautiful wedding day…

He said

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…I knew she was the most beautiful woman in the whole world. We were all in the backyard for her big reveal and my back was turned. When I turned around and saw her beauty, all the great emotions that exist in the universe rushed through my body at once, it put everything into perspective, and I knew we would have an amazing life together.

My favourite moment… was saying our vows and promises to each other at church. It sealed the love we have for each other in front of God and everyone we know, and cemented the life journey we were about to start together as husband and wife.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was Natalia dancing as much as she did. Leading up to the wedding, she had forewarned me that because of the length of her dress and the height of her shoes that she would not be able to dance as much as she would want. But when it came down to the reception, we danced to almost every song, right up until the last song.

She said

When I first saw him all dressed up….my parents were walking me out of the house to the backyard where he was waiting with his back faced to me. I got to see him before he saw me, well the back of him at least. In that moment he was all I saw when I was walking towards him, everything and everyone else around us disappeared. He looked so handsome. When he turned around, and our eyes met, I was so full of amazing emotions. I could feel the intense love between us electrifying the air and I was so happy in that moment, finally getting to see him on our wedding day. I could not wait to get married!

My favourite moment…was our first married kiss, and walking out of the church as husband and wife. My heart was so full of love, happiness, joy and excitement.  It was the best feeling! Being surrounded by our family and friends congratulating us was amazing. We could feel all the love in the air.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was feeling so much love from our family and friends. Every moment of our wedding day was so special, filled with so much emotion and memories to last a lifetime. It was such a wonderful feeling to see all of our guests at the church and reception. Knowing everyone came to share in our day and celebrate with us made us feel incredible! It was the absolute best day I could ever imagine.

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