Blink :: Claudia+Wassim

Hey Gang!
I’ve attended a “few” weddings *lol* and I often get asked, “what was the most beautiful/extravagant wedding that you’ve ever been to?”  I thought about it and realized something. It didn’t matter which venue it was, how the decor was done or what the bride was wearing that made the day beautiful.  It had nothing to do with how much everything cost, nor how many guests were invited.  The thing that stands out to me about the beauty of a wedding day are the moments when the couple and their guests truly live in the moment.  It is the times when I sneak in and grab a shot of the flower girl yawning during the ceremony.  It is the seconds a bride takes everything in before she sees her groom.  The beauty of a wedding day lies in each memory and every opportunity that a couple & their family and friends are present.
Claudia and Wassim lived their day, enjoyed every moment they had and it was evident in so many of their images.  When I saw this photo, I thought to myself, “this does not look like a couple who is conscious of a camera”.  They weren’t posing to look like they were having a great time and that is the beauty in it!  They were having fun!!  They were blissfully happy….and that is what made for an absolutely beautiful wedding day.
Come back soon for more from their special day!