Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding :: Ashleigh+Massimo

Hey Gang!

Ashleigh & Massimo were married on a beautiful Fall day and they boogied all night at their reception at the Mississauga Convention Centre! For November, you seriously could not get better weather and we were thanking our lucky stars because these two are a dream to take photos of. They had the perfect combination of traits to make two candid photographers’ day very easy!! Firstly, they’re both extremely laid back and made it a point to not let anything that didn’t go just right bother them. We can’t even begin to say how important that one is.

If there’s one thing we can’t Photoshop, it is stress/concern/frustration/worry. Once you get to your wedding day, you have very little control over what happens…and the things you do have control over, like saying “I do” is the MOST important part of the wedding day.

Secondly, they are SO in love. You know when you see couples who have been together for a long time and they just kind of look like they’re going through the motions? Not so for these two – they can’t keep their hands off each other!!

And lastly, they were so freaking happy. Like joy was spilling from everywhere and it was so much fun to capture. We both commented on how their walk down the aisle was pure happiness…and that didn’t stop throughout the rest of the day.

What can we say?! We LOVE these guys!! Our hearts melted the morning of the wedding when we went to spend some time with Massimo and his boys. Lori asked how he was feeling that morning and his response just about brought a tear to our eyes. He said, “You know what? I honestly feel bad that I made Ashleigh wait so long…” They had been together for years before Massimo proposed and, like many people, he was waiting for things to align in their lives so that they were set to make that big leap.

Makes sense to us!! Then we went to Ashleigh’s place. Everyone was happy and excited and Ashleigh asked us “How is Massimo doing?” So we told her what he had said to Lori. Later on that day, Ashleigh said “I was nervous until you guys told me that..and then I was good!!” Well, they were more than good..they were MARRIED just a couple hours after that!

A huge thank you to Ashleigh & Massimo for having us. We had such a great time getting to know you both and being part of such a beautiful day. We can’t wait to see you again soon and are so excited to see what the future holds for you!

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November 16, 2016,

Weddings Hello, everyone! On the gorgeous day of fall Ashleigh and Massimo were bonded in the strong relation of marriage. They and their guests enjoyed all night at the remarkable Mississauga Convention Centre Canada. No other month can be better than November because it does not only have the perfect weather but also it provides the amazing background for the Wedding Photographer to capture the memories in the best way.

The days in this month are perfect for the Wedding Photography because of the perfect combination of traits. Thus as the photographer does not have to do some extra work it makes his or her day easy.

We are thankful for our lucky stars as with such atmosphere no room for error is left in the photographs. The couple was very cooperative as well. They identified their requirements are told us to not bother them with anything they do not want. It is one of the most important aspects because these are the moments that we cannot Photoshop. As well as we have to make sure that emotions like to stress are not captured in the images because it is only the time to be happy. One of the essential parts of the Wedding photos is that they show the control over the moment.

The Wedding Decor

In the Wedding ceremony, the couple is so in love that they do not notice what is happening around them. Despite being together for a long time these are the emotions that they have never felt before. They cannot keep their hands off each other even for a moment. The best part is that they are so happy that joy is slipping out of every moment and it is the time that a wedding photographer has to capture. The Wedding Details are so perfect and it is fun to capture every single moment and every expression of astonishment and joy.

The special moments

All we have to say that we are already in love with the couple and the Wedding Reception that they organized. Everything was perfect from the Wedding dress to the wedding shoes. There are no words to explain the beauty of the wedding rings, as they were simple eye-catching. It melted our hearts the moment we went to the Massimo’s house to spend some quality time with them. When Lori was asked about his experience, the answers he gave simple brought tears to our eyes. The couple was together for years when Massimo proposed to the lover of his life Ashleigh. All they waited for was to adjust their life so it will be easier for them to take the big step.