Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding :: Jenna + Glenn

Hey Gang,

Im so excited to be showing off this wedding!  I still remember meeting Jenna and Glenn for the first time and couldn’t help but notice how attentive they were to each other.  Watching them interact with one another and especially paying attention to how one would watch the other when they were talking, I knew this would be a perfect couple for me!!  Their engagement session also proved that! *wink*  During our meeting I learnt that Glenn and his father ran a product business and supply many of the facilities in the GTA and when I found out that they were supplying the food at their wedding, I got really excited! *lol*  I use to call myself a “Foodie” but after talking with Glenn I realized that I got NO clue other than if it tastes good! *lol*  I just want to give a huge shout out to the bridal party and especially to the parents that made Gabe and I feel right at home!  And MUCH LUV to Jenna and Glenn, Gabe and I were honoured to be at your wedding, witnessing and telling your story.

Now the love story of Jenna and Glenn is ten years in the making. These two are high school sweethearts but it wasn’t always that way. Glenn and Jenna were originally introduced to one another through a mutual friend, who was interested in Glenn herself. Glenn and Jenna began talking through the internet as a means for Glenn to get closer to Jenna, as he was interested in her friend. Things did not work out between the friend and Glenn but Jenna and Glenn just kept on talking as friends. They found it very easy to talk to one another and before you knew it, Jenna was all of a sudden attending High School Football games (when she knew nothing about football and hated the sport) the team that Glenn played for, going to the movies, hanging out and, these two love birds began dating on February 17 2002. In May 2010, Glenn and Jenna went to St Maarten (which is now their favourite vacation spot) with friends. Glenn was very sneaky and went off and purchased the engagement ring by himself, but did not propose as he wanted to wait for the right time. In October 2010, Glenn and Jenna purchased a new build home in Milton with the big purchase came many appointments one which was the decore appointment on February 12th 2011. The appoitment was at 10am, they got to the sales centre and Jenna is figuring out in her head the colours that would look nice in the kitchen and bathrooms etc, when she stepped out of the truck to see glenn putting a reusable loblaws bag down in the snow. Quite confused she asks Glenn what he is doing and to HURRY UP as it was 10:05 and they were LATE! She turned her head for a minute and when she looked back, there was Glenn kneeling on his loblaws bag saying, “Before we make our house officially our home, Lets make us more official. Will you Marry me?” From then on its history! This big day has been a long time coming, and these two are beyond thrilled to be spending the rest of their lives with one another.


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Wedding Dress: Pronavias http://www.pronovias.us

Decorator: Elegant Decor http://www.elegantedecor.ca/

Flowers: Elegant Decor http://www.elegantedecor.ca/

Venue: Mississauga Convention Centre http://www.mississaugaconvention.com

Hair Salon-Joseph’s coiffeurs Erin Mills Town Centre http://www.josephscoiffures.net

DJ-BB Blanc http://www.bbblanc.com

Limo-Park Lane Livery http://www.livery.com/

Food supplied by: Silva & Son Produce