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Hey Gang,

It might be because I am the father of a girl that I am not a huge fan of the phrase “giving the bride away”. From the moment my daughter took her first breath, she stole my heart. I looked at her and feared that I would never measure up. After all, my first child was a boy and I wasn’t ever around little girls before. I worried about how I would handle her first heart break, what we would talk about and what I’d do to make her feel better after the kids at school teased her. From the day she was born I wanted to protect Kennedy and never let her go…

I’m don’t know that Kat’s father worried about the same things I did when she was born. But there are a lot of things I see in this photo that I hope for when Kennedy gets married. When I look at Kat’s father’s face, I don’t see a man who is about to give his daughter “away”. I see the face of a man who is proud of the beautiful girl standing next to him. I see a man who not only loves her because she’s his, but also loves WHO she is. I see the joy of a father who knows his little girl has found someone to protect and love her the way he has all these years. And I see the comfort in knowing that she will love her husband with her whole heart, though never forgetting where she came from and who the first man in her life was.

It isn’t about giving her away, it is about a father enjoying his walk down the aisle with his daughter. It is about remembering that this isn’t the end, it is the beginning….and it is about believing in the words that we’ve all heard many times:

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” -Robert Munsch

*Blink*…and it the moment is over. This photo will always be a reminder to Kat’s father of the day he took a walk with his daughter. He held her hand when she came into this world and Kat held his hand as she started a new beginning.

Come back soon for more from their beautiful wedding day.

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