Millennium Gardens Banquet Hall Wedding :: Sarah+Tom

Hey Gang!

Sarah & Tom just got back from their EPIC European honeymoon, so we are SUPER excited to share moments from their amazing wedding day on the blog today.

Hanging out with them is like spending time with old friends, so we were very much looking forward to being a part of their wedding day. From start to finish, it was filled with personal touches and traditions. Something we’ve never seen done before is the incredible gift Tom’s mother made for him… a scrap book of his life! She saved every single report card, school picture and important memento from his childhood! We couldn’t get over the amount of work that it clearly took to put the book together, and watching the look on Tom’s face as he opened and flipped through it was amazing. We know he and Sarah will cherish that book for years to come. Who knows, maybe Tom’s mom started a tradition? *wink*

It was so wonderful to watch Sarah and her parents walk down the aisle in the beautiful Coptic church in Mississauga. The look on Tom’s face is one that we don’t think Sarah will ever forget, but if she ever needs reminding, she has it captured *wink*.

After they sealed the deal, we headed over to the lakeshore at Adamson Estates for photos. Sometimes people see our photos and, with them being more journalistic in nature, they ask “Do you take any formal family photos?” And the answer is YES! We absolutely do, we just don’t make a 2 hour production out of it. Our goal is to get you back to you guests, get you ready to party and ENJOY your wedding day.

Following photo time at the lake, we went to Millenium Gardens in Brampton for Sarah & Tom’s reception. Firstly, what a party!! *lol* From impromptu belly dancing to endless vodka shots, this crew really knew how to tear it up!!

A big thank you to our sweet couple for having us capture their day. We wish you many, many years of happiness, love and health. Looking forward to catching up with you both and hearing about your honeymoon!

We’ve gone on long enough *lol* here’s what Sarah & Tom had to say about their big day…

He Said:

My favourite part of the day was…. when the bridal party, our families, Sarah and I were at the Adamson Estate taking pictures (with wicked-ass photographers) and just having a great time, drinking beers and relaxing before the reception.

I’ll never forget…. when my wife to be started walking down the aisle and everyone was staring at her and the only person she was looking at was me. She looked beautiful.

I least expected…. how little stress I experienced (other than the moment right before Sarah walked into the church, lol). Everyone always talks about how stressful the day of always is but somehow I felt really comfortable throughout. I feel as though Sarah felt the same way!


She Said:

My favourite part of the day was…. I loved walking down the aisle! In that moment all my favourite people were in focus – my mom and dad on either side of me, mom cracking jokes as always, my closest girlfriends and my wonderful sister looking down the aisle at me. I remember trying to look past all the smiling faces flooding into the aisle and looking for Tom – when we finally stepped to the font of the church and Tom took my hand, all the noise stopped and it felt like it was just the two of us!

I’ll never forget… the way Tom looked at me when we were standing at the alter. I wish I could describe it – just so present and open and loving, he was just so him!

I least expected…everyone always talks about how quickly the day goes by but no one mentions how intimate and present specific moments on your wedding day can make you feel. Chatting and laughing during our first dance and up on our sweetheart chair are some of my favourite memories from that perfect day! It’s amazing how intimate those moments felt even in a room full of people – I think that’s what I expected the least.


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