Hockley Valley Resort Wedding :: Michelle + Steve

Hey Gang,

Today we have the incredible wedding of Michelle & Steve but it took “8 amazing years of fun, love, laughter, and amazing life experiences!!!”    As mentioned their story began 8 years ago, at Schneider’s.  Michelle was working as a summer student at Schneider’s.  She had noticed Steve from her first day of work! They were both in the same department.  Steve was quiet and shy and that first week of work was small flirty glances at each other! wink

It wasn’t until the following weekend that they really got to know each other. They were both working overtime on Saturday and by coincidence had their lunch break together!!!! Which at first she thought was strange because on the weekends they’re suppose to take breaks at different times, but then came to discover that Steve had strategically planned for this to happen!!!

Their lunch break is only supposed to be 20 minutes and they ended up talking for over half an hour.  Don’t think the boss was too happy…but they didn’t care…haha.  During the entire conversation she had butterflies but felt so calm at the same time.  She knew in that one moment how humble, genuine and loving this man was.

The rest is history from there, one half an hour conversation turned into 8 amazing years of fun, love, laughter, and amazing life experiences!!!

They took an amazing trip last year after he prepared to visit Calgary, San Francisco and Arizona and their connection only grew stronger and continues to grow each and every day!

Before their big trip to the West and into the States, Steve proposed!  SHE was working late one night and SHE came home to a locked door with a note on it!  The note told me to follow the instructions when SHE got inside and to not ask ANY questions.

When SHE opened the door it took her breath away.  There were candles creating a pathway in the hallway all the way up the stairs, with rose petals sprinkled everywhere and small notes that she was to read along the way.

When she got up the stairs to her last note, she knew what was happening, to be honest at first she told me that she thought Steve was trying to you know get lucky…LOL!! Steve is a romantic and will always go out of his way to create a romantic ambiance for the 2 of them!

So as she read the last note and opened the door there was Steve down on one knee, both of them had tears falling from their eyes in happiness and he proposed!!!!!


To my amazing couple you look simple amazing and are as beautiful on the inside, Im honoured to have capturing this milestone in your lives!  Make sure you call me when little feet start tapping on your floors! *wink*  Big ups to a super fun bridal party and amazing food at hockley and the beautiful decor by Lynne.  Also a HUGE thanks to Afzia for keeping us on time all day, your the best girl!


Cake by The Cake Tutors : http://thecaketutor.com/

Venue & Catering by Hockley Valley Resort: http://www.hockley.com/

Decorator & flowers by Special Event and Flowers: http://www.specialeventsandflowers.com/

Dress by Taylor’s Bridal: http://www.taylorsbridal.com

DJ & Live music by Dwight Grant: http://www.myspace.com/mellowdeemusic

Wedding Coordinator Afzia Shareef – BA, WPICC: www.styleandelegance.ca


I wish I could take credit for this shot but it was ALL Gabe!  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all! *wink*

LUCKY!! I didnt have my first cup of java until I was 7!

Steve surprised Michelle with a special gift on the morning of, how awesome is this guy!!!

OMG!! HONEY HOW GORGEOUS ARE YOU!!!!  I always get asked how I get all the HOT brides and I always respond that “us hotties gotta stick together” *lol*

You all know how much of a proud father I am to my baby girl so when moments like these arise they always tug at my heart!

Yes I know I say it all the time but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when my couples see each other before the ceremony!!

Thats right them be my peeps YO!! *lol*

Precious moment between Steve and his Dad

GEEZ!!! How SEXY are you guys!!

I this is my favourite moment of the day, theirs nothing like a newlywed couple walking down the isle together for the first time