Brantford Ontario Wedding :: Kristy + Justin

Hey Gang,

Today we have Kristy & Justin’s wedding day but this story starts as far back as high school actually it started at Canada’s Wonderland.  Justin and his pals invited Kristy and her friends for the day Justin just like myself LOVES roller coasters, Kristy not so much! *lol*  All day they were hanging out and chatting until Justin went on the Mind-buster and Kristy was not going on for anything!  So when Justin got off the ride Kristy was no where to be found.  Also missing was one of Justin’s a friend of one of Justin’s friend (got that??) *lol*.  They knew this guy was a video gamer so they hit the arcade and found Kristy bored to death watching this dude play mortal combat (love that game!) *lol*.  So Justin pulled this guy over and mentioned to him that he was REALLY interest in Kristy and needed to back off, Kristy heard this, felt the same way and the rest is history!!!  You know those people that are always smiling, NO MATTER WHAT! That is our fabulous bride today!  Right from our first meeting when I open my studio door I was blinded by the biggest, warmest beautiful smile of Kristy!  Im honoured to have captured your day guys!  I had a blast as I knew I would!  Justin my man you look dapper of course and a perfect match to your stunning bride!