Kitchener Delta Hotel Wedding :: Kristine + Ted

Hey Gang,

Just as promised we have Kristine and Ted’s wedding coming right up!  But first here’s a great story on how they met and an even better story about they proposal!  Ted and Kristine met just over 10 years ago. She started her career with TD as a teller and Ted was a customer of the Bank. He would come in frequently and there was an obvious attraction that even her co-workers picked up on, very quickly and they certainly helped make things happen! Because they’re both VERY shy people, well at first.  Initially Ted would come to do his deposits at the bank. Kristine noticed Ted right away and the “noticing” was mutual. He would pretend to be busy getting his deposit organized while next in line so that he could times things right in order to get her as his teller so she would serve him. In addition to this Kristine would try to hurry through her customer in hopes of getting Ted (the next in line) as her next customer. Or her co-workers would walk away from their terminals to help her get Ted as her next customer – it was very well planned by all involved. *lol*  This happened for a few months and then finally he asked for her number. They went out shortly after and here they are nearly 11 years later.

There is one really cute story they shared with me where Ted tried to come into the branch before they opened and Kristine was there getting the branch ready and he walked in and tried to get in but the doors were locked!! – he says to this day that he noticed her notice him try to come in before business hours and he was mortified that Kristine saw him!! They still laugh about that moment because they both remember it clear as day!!! It was a really sweet moment before they even started dating.

As for the proposal… because Ted and Kristine have been together for such a long time they really both hoped for a very private moment with the things that were most important and proud to them both, their family and home.  They built their home a year earlier and it was quite the process from beginning to end. They love their home and it was something that they both had a lot of input in in terms of what they wanted and planning for whatever the future holds, it’s their forever home and has a lot of meaning to them both.

Something that was also a big part of their lives  was their cat Misty. Kristine had her for 17 years who Ted became very attached to. She was a very big part of their lives every day. Ted and Kristine had talked about getting married many times over the years. He knew how much their cat Misty meant to her so he really wanted to incorporate her into the special moment. So… imagine a cat that is 17 years old and the stress because of health issues of a cat that age… Kristine had come home from work one day and had the feeling that this was the day he was going to ask her to marry him. (When you’re together this long it’s hard not to tell when someone acts out of the ordinary). However when Kristine had come home Ted and their cat were on the back porch and she had this thing around her neck that the vet would always put around her whenever they took her. Kristine immediately asked what was wrong with Misty with great concern. Ted said that she was sick and that he took her to the vet to have her checked out. Kristine was immediately stressed out and started asking a million questions… What did the vet say, Is she okay, Did they do tests, etc…. Kristine turned around while petting Misty and Ted proposed on one knee asking her to marry him. Kristine was still so caught off guard by Misty visiting the vet unexpectedly that she looked at him and said – well, what did the vet say, is she okay? *LOL* it took a minute for her to get her bearings to fully understand what just happened and finally Ted took her out of her daydream and asked her again if she would marry him? Kristine was so worried about Misty that she hadn’t realized that she hadn’t responded. As funny as this sounds and totally not how Ted had imagined this in his head, it was really the perfect moment for them! She said yes (obviously) and they enjoyed the private moment and had their family join them in the celebration of making it official for the remainder of the evening. It was quiet, intimate and Misty was perfectly fine!!!! Nothing could have been better that particular day! It was their moment in their home with everything that was truly meaningful and important to them. It was perfectly perfect for Ted and Kristine.


I just want to thank you guys so much for allowing me to be part of your day, to capture your memories that will be cherished for years to come.  And thanks for being SUPER HOT TOO! *wink*


Cake by Marzena Cakes:

Venue & Caterer by Delta Hotel Kitchener:

Decorator by Julia Weddings:

Flowers by Lilies White:

Hair Salon by Pino’s Salon and Spa:

Makeup by Crystal Cox:

Shoes by Manolo Blahnik – Las Vegas

Dress by RivinKristine Armane:



Yes ladies these are the real deal!  Ted had surprised Kristine with a trip and took her to the Manolo shop in the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas!!!