Pipers Heath Golf Club Wedding :: Jennifer + Shane

Hey Gang,

Today we have Jennifer & Shane’s wedding day!  I have been so excited to be showing this wedding, why you ask?  Simple because they are an AMAZING couple!  They had found out about me from Katheryn and Mark who’s wedding I shot last year who also have to be an AMAZING couple too, I guess it runs in the family! *wink*  Gabe and I had such a blast they we actually were tempted to go to the next days celebrations at the family house in which we got invited to.  The only stipulation was that I had to leave my camera at home, how sweet are they!  Enough about me lets get to the awesome wedding!

They met in Grade 1, at Mother Mary Ward Elementary School. They were in the same class that year, and every year following through grade 8. They went to a small elementary school, and were a class of around 18 students for the majority of our time there. Therefore they spent a lot of our time together as a class, and outside of school.  They had a love hate relationship in elementary school, and often flirted and teased each other. They almost “dated” in grade eight; however Shane was admittedly more into “Sports than girls.” So they remained friends instead.  Once, Jen got grounded for sneaking out at night and going to Shane’s house with friends to play with all the guys. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, when she got caught and in trouble in front of Shane.

They remained friends through high school, and often had classes together, or saw each other at parties. Even though each dated other people they remained friends, and often flirted with each other.  Jen commonly referred to Shane as her “Eternal Crush” to all of her friends, family and even her boyfriends!  In our last year of high school they spent every morning together in first period spare. They would sit in the library with friends and chat for the entire period. Even though neither of us had to come in early, they both always managed to come in and hang out together.

Shane would often keep up with Jen’s whereabouts through her sister Ashley, as Jen went off to college. One night at a party, Shane had a few beers, and told Ashley that he was in love with her sister (Jen) … Ashley knowing that Jen was single thought it would be a great time to hook them up finally. So she sneakily gave Shane Jen’s number and told him that Jen wanted him to call her. Meanwhile Jen was in London at School, had no idea Ashley had given out her number to Shane, a few days later Jen received a call she was not expecting. Jen was so confused about who was calling that she asked “Who is this” and Shane responded with “Shane” … “You asked me to call…You sister gave me your number told me you wanted me to call” … Jen was incredibly confused but so excited that Shane was calling that she ran into her roommates room, so they could hear the conversation and analyze after they hung up. Ashley was so proud that her sneaky plan had worked J

A couple weeks later when Jen was home from School for the summer they arranged to meet up, each surrounded by a group of friends, and spent the night catching up and partying together. That night Shane asked Jen on a date, and she happily said yes. They have been together ever since J

6 Years later, Shane and Jen made plans to go to the Scottish festival in Fergus. They invited all our friends and family but no one would come with them (Little did Jen know that Shane told them they were not allowed to come with them) They got up super early, drove to Fergus for the opening of the games, and spent the day eating, watching events, and listening to the bag pipes. Late in the afternoon, Shane grew quieter, and Jen asked if he wanted to go thinking he was tired because it was so hot. He said yes, he would like to start heading home. Jen was relieved to be getting into the air conditioned car again! They started to drive home, and Shane pulled into the Rockwood Conservation area, Jen protested, she did not want to have to get out of the car, it was way too hot, and she did not want to go hiking… Shane insisted and Jokingly Jen said “You better have a ring in your pocket”. They walked to the Mill, Jen’s favorite place in the park, and the area Shane planned to propose, only to find out that the Mill was closed for construction. Shane panicked, and did not know what to do. He even suggested breaking into the construction area, an odd request from Shane the police officer. They continued to walk and eventually found themselves at the end of the trail. Shane was out of options…. He walked Jen over to a cliff overlooking the water, and stood for what seemed like forever. Jen asked if they could leave and go home, because it was so hot and Shane said no.  A few minutes later Jen felt Shane’s hands shaking, on her back, and she turned around to see if he was alright and he was on his knee. His hands were shaking so hard, that he could not get the ring box open. Jen was so truly surprised that she did not believe him; she did not see the ring box and truly thought he was trying to be funny. Eventually she realized that he was telling the truth and she got down on the ground beside him and said yes. A few minutes later Shane asked, “Don’t you want to see the ring?” to which Jen replied “There is a RING?” She had no idea because she had not seen the box. They both worked together to get the box untied and open, since they were both shaking and Shane gave Jen the most beautiful ring. Later that night they went home and to Jen’s surprise Shane had planned a huge party with all of their family and friends, to celebrate their engagement. It was truly a night to remember.




I think these might be the FUNKIEST Shoes I have ever had one of my brides wear, you rock Jen!!

All the ladies gathering around the laptop and skyped with a really good friend that couldn’t make the wedding but she did get to see our beautiful bride.

All the girls came up to me and asked if they could have a shot with my cute assistant! *wink*

Have I ever said how much I LOVE IT when my couples see each other before the ceremony!! *wink*

Sorry gang but I cant tell you what the guys are reacting to but Lez-be-honest it was a little crazy! *lol*

Shane thought it would be fun to represent his Scottish roots by getting all the guys green/white golf knickers, he even surprised me with my very own pair!

Be  forewarned this turned out to be a WILD party! *lol*