Ukrainian Country Club Wedding :: Denisa + Emir

Hey Gang,

So Denisa and I go a few years back! Denisa works with Lez so Ive had the pleasure of partying with her and Emir on a few occasions.  So when I found out that she got engaged and wanted me to cover the wedding I was pumped to say the least!  I knew how they met but l didn’t know anything about the proposal until Emir shared that special night with me and here’s how the story goes…

Emir always knew that he wanted Denisa as his wife and she felt the same.  She always envisioned being engaged on Valentines day be he had always told her that he didn’t really recognize Valentines Day as a special day, since they weren’t accustomed to it living in Bosnian.   They had been looking for a ring for some time, and he was getting ideas on what kind of styles she would like.  She really had her heart set on pear shape diamond with a beautiful, but yet simple setting.  At that point they both knew it was going to be this ring that she had already had in her mind.  On a separate occasion by himself he visited the ring shop again and told the jeweller that he was really serious about getting that ring but it had to be custom made.  From that point it was a waiting game, and the jeweller told him that it can take some time to make this custom made ring, and he was told that they will contact him as soon as the ring arrives.  About couple of months had passed before he got the call and Valentine day was just around the corner *wink*  All the pieces were falling into place. When he went to check the ring he was amazed how beautiful the it looked, he thought it was absolutely perfect for his bride. he had to hide the ring for couple of weeks at home, knowing Denisa’s curiosity he had to think hard where to hide it, so he ended up putting it behind the boiler in laundry room *lol* he wanted to propose to Denisa in their bedroom, but had no idea how, so he just put the ring in one of their drawers. When both of them were in the bedroom, they were moving and organizing some stuff around. They got in a small disagreement, and he thought this would be perfect timing, as he knew she would never expect it *lol*  She asked him for a bag as she was putting some clothes away, and he was just sitting on the ground, so he told her to check the drawer.  She said Im not going to find a bag in there and gave him a frustrated look.  She opened the drawer where the ring was and turned towards him with instant tears in her eyes.  He wanted to get up to kiss her but instead she took the ring and sat on the ground with him as they held each other. He told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and asked her to marry him. They shed some tears and she said YESSS. BTW it happened to be Valentine’s day It was the best moment for both of them, and now they have a great reason to celebrate Valentines Day *wink*


So how to do you top a romantic engagement?  With an equally romantic wedding day of course! *wink*  Today was a special day for us as well as it was my lovely wife’s birthday.  See Denisa had originally contact me about getting married today but I wasn’t sure if I could document it as it was Lez’s birthday.  Lez being the sweet heart she always is told me that two of the most important things to Denisa were marrying Emir and having amazing photos, so she let me do it! *lol*  As most of you know Gabe usually assists me these days but Lez and filled in for him today and I gotta say I had a pretty sexy assistant! *wink*  I also knew it was going to be a fun day because I was working with one of my favourite cinematographers, Nick Miller of N2 Productions, we always have a great time together.  So how do you make a wedding romantic???  Well some of it is attitude and the rest of it is ambience and I gotta give a big thumbs up to Victoria Sebben of Victoria’s Decor and Event Planning for making Denisa’s romantic wedding day vision come to life.  Here are some photos you can see the rest on my Facebook!


Reception venue by Ukranian Country Club:

Decore by Victoria’s Decor and Event Planing:

Flowers by Victoria’s Decor and Event Planing:

Cinematography by Nick Miller:

Dress by Sophies Gown Shoppe:

Shoes by Barbie