Galt Country Club Wedding :: Alicia + Mat

Hey Gang,

Ever meet those kind of people that make you feel right at home?  Well that’s how I felt at Alicia and Mat’s wedding day.  It’s not unusual to feel so welcomed by my couples but that day their family and friends opened their doors and hearts to me as well.  These are the kind of weddings I feel absolutely blessed to be part of and I guess Im pretty lucky that I feel that way with 99% of my weddings.  As you all know I love to hear my couples stories on how they met, everyone has a unique tale and this one is no different.

Their story stars as high school sweethearts and began dating when they were 15. They have had a long-standing debate about how they met.  Alicia thinks that it was during a social justice club meeting in high school, and Mat believes it took place at Alicia’s locker where Carol (the maid of honour and long time best friend) introduced them.  Even though Mat’s version of the story is probably right (Alicia will admit), they fell deeply in love.  Their parents could tell by the way they looked at each other that there was something special in their eyes and in their hearts.

Since they began dating at the end of tenth grade and were used to seeing each other every day at school, the transition into university was difficult. Mat moved away toWaterloo and Alicia moved away to Brantford. Despite the distance and the hectic work schedules that made it almost impossible to see each other, they remained together and supported each other. Whether it was over the phone, text, email, skype or msn, they always made it a priority to talk to each other every day.

On their 5 year anniversary they decided to go to Toronto. Before they left, Mat “forgot” his sunglasses in Alicia’s bathroom, with the intention of having to come back inside so he could ask her parents for their permission to propose to Alicia.  But, Alicia found the sunglasses before they went out the door, meaning Mat had to sneakily “forget” them again*lol*.  When they got out to the car Alicia gave Mat the special look that said “why the heck would you forget them when I JUST gave them to you.”  Obviously she had no idea what was coming.  Mat ran back inside and make sure everything was okay with Alicia’s mom and dad, stumbling over his words because he was so nervous.  They were supportive and said they would be delighted.  They had planned to stay at a hotel for the night and then take a harbour front boat tour and go shopping. They were getting ready for bed when Mat came out from the bathroom and asked Alicia to stand up. When she stood up he got down on one knee and pointed out that it was exactly midnight- their 5 year anniversary!!  Alicia’s face was priceless as Mat recalls, and both of them were bubbling with excitement as they called and texted family and friends into the early hours of the morning.

Through all of life’s transitions—especially moving from high school to university and then from university into the working world—one thing remained constant; their love for each other (cue the awww’s).  Seven years after they started dating, they are both super excited to take the next step in our journey together.

Funny tid bit of information: Mat’s parents own Thyssen of Galt shoe store in downtown Cambridge. Alicia’s mom kept Alicia’s first pair of walking shoes and the receipt from them, which was signed by Mat’s dad. Turns out he sold Alicia her first pair of walking shoes!  It seems like destiny had a role to play after all! *wink*


Church: St. Gregory’s Cambridge


Reception Hall: Galt Country Club:


Hair & Make-up: Whisper’s in Cambridge


Nails: Forever Young Spa- downtown Cambridge:


Cake: Maja at The cupcake gourmet:


Wedding dress: Taylor’s in Elmira:


Bride and Bridesmaids Shoes:  Urban Bride:


Limo Service:  A Universal Limousine:


DJ: Flashpoint Productions:


Decorator and Flowers:


Favours: Heidi at Muskoka Soap Company:


So when I got to Alicia’s place I was welcomed by a HUGE hug, which I always love!! *lol*  She told me that she got me a gift and of course I told her that she really didn’t have to do that.  She passed a bag to me and and told me that the first gift was for Lez and I to share, yummy wine!!! *wink*  But the second gift was for me and it had been in her family before she was born something her Great Grand Father gave to his son and it was passed down to her father but they wanted me to have it now.  I’ll be honest I was speechless and told I couldn’t possible accept it.  She told me that my heart and passion was the perfect home for it and her and her family wanted me to have it.  Yes I cried!  But I was truly humbled by this family’s kindness and generosity. In the bag was this amazing vintage camera that I have now in my living room and every time I look at it Im reminded how lucky I am to be doing what I love.

Mat is a HUGE Star Wars fan and Alicia thought it would be fun to incorporate in into their wedding, now thats cool!

So the tradition asks for something borrowed and Alicia’s mom decided to cut a piece of her vail and pin it to her daughter’s dress.  A vail that was worn over 25 years ago!

This was Alicia’s dad seeing his baby girl for the first time in her dress, I absolutely love the emotion in the next two shots!

a precious moment between Alicia and Mat’s grandma, I just love it!

Hats off to Lynne at Special Events and Flowers for the amazing job of decorating the place

So we know that Mat loves Star Wars explaining why the groom is holding a light sabre but Alicia favourite past time other than spending time with Mat is fishing with her Father

This was Mat’s reaction when he read what the garter said! *wink*