Marquis Gardens Wedding :: Diane+Andrew

Hey Gang!

Diane+Andrew had someone looking out for them because their Ancaster wedding turned out to be the day AFTER that crazy storm in Southern Ontario. Huge trees fell over, tornados touched down and the next was absolutely beautiful and sunny!! I LOVE when that happens!!

This new MR & MRS met in high school. They were in Grade 11 and had co-op class together. Andrew was always really shy and kept to himself in class. They had some mutual friends but never really knew each other. After seeing her friend talk to Andrew a few times in class, Diane decided to just start chatting with him too, which was like pulling teeth! *lol* Diane describes him as “so darn shy”. Once the in-class portion of the course was complete, they began their practicum. Andrew and Diane would take the city bus to their placements together every day. It was at this time that they began to form a friendship. At first they just sat by each other on the bus, saying a few words to each other, Then, over time, they began to have such good conversations and would have a lot fun on the bus together. After a while Diane started to realize that she had a HUGE crush on him. She was smart and got him a job at her part time work, and they spent even more time together. Everyone was really annoyed with them because it was so obvious that they both were very interested in each other…but did nothing about it! They continued on like this for about a year and a 1/2 …spending tons of time together but both too shy to make the first move. Finally, a couple weeks after they graduated from High school when Andrew was about to begin his apprenticeship and Diane was going off to university, they realized that it was now or never and they both started to make it obvious it was time to move things along. Andrew would constantly ask Diane what she was doing on Saturday…and she would say “nothing” waiting for him to ask her out…but he would just said, “same.” *lol* So, finally Diane asked him out and he graciously accepted. *wink* They went out on their first official date and have been inseparable ever since! These two have been together since they were 18 and have grown up together. They were there through all the important times of each other’s lives. After about 6 and a 1/2 years Diane and Andrew finally got engaged….this time HE made the move *wink*

Diane and Andrew think the thing that makes them special is that they are truly best friends who enjoy each other’s company and can be 100 percent real with each other. They have grown into adults together and have helped each other become the adults they are today. The funniest thing is, back in coop class Andrew was placed in a automotive dealership working on cars and Diane was in a grade two class. And today, they are both in these exact fields. It just goes to show..when you know something is “right”, it’s “right” *wink*.

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