BLINK :: Megan+Eddie

Hey Gang!

They say magic happens in a *blink* of an eye – well that was definitely the case for us at Megan & Eddie’s wedding, quite literally too! Eddie has always been a fan of magic, so as a surprise to her groom and all of their guests, Megan had a magician come to the reception to provide a little entertainment.

Not only were we absolutely blown away by the magician, but we also felt our hearts swell a little when we thought about how sweet it was of Megan to organize this for her new husband. It made us think about love and how it’s kind of like magic too! One minute you’re strangers and in the blink of an eye, something unexplainable happens. You feel like you’ve known the other person for ages, you have eyes for no one else and you truly can’t live without them. How is it that we meet a person and fall head over heels for them? That’s the beauty of love…it comes when you least expect it and “abracadabra”…there it is *wink*.

For Megan & Eddie we wish nothing but that kind of magic every day for the rest of their lives together…Check out more from their magical day on our Facebook Page!