Liuna Station Wedding Hamilton :: Lisa Marie + Paul

Hey Gang,

Its officially OFFICIAL!! 2012 is here well I guess its been here for a couple of months now but my 2012 wedding season has started!! And what an amazing couple to kick this year off with!!

Their fantastic story;)

Lisa-Marie and Paul met in the summer of 2002 when they both worked at a school uniform company. The attraction was immediate, but they didn’t share their first kiss until the very last day of work before Lisa-Marie had to return to the University of Guelph, the same school Paul had graduated from only a year previous (they found out later that Paul lived only 2 doors down from her house in Guelph when he attended school!).  So Lisa-Marie went back to school, and Paul went on a backpacking trip around Europe for a couple of months with a friend. They kept in touch through email and to Lisa-Marie’s surprise and delight, Paul wrote to her almost every other day for two months!  When Paul returned to Toronto, Lisa-Marie was the one to pick him up from the airport. They’ve been together ever since.

Lisa-Marie and Paul have both gone through many changes in their lives.  Lisa-Marie finished up her bachelor degree at the U o f G, and then graduated from teacher’s college.  She almost immediately was hired to work as a teacher at her old high school. Paul decided that firefighting was the job for him, so he attended Humber College for their pre-service program. Paul finally landed employment with the Toronto Fire Services in January of 2009. He proposed to Lisa-Marie on their 8th anniversary (February 15, 2011), utilizing an elaborate ruse that included pretending to go to work, hiding in his car, preparing a sumptuous feast, and a ring around a collar (the cat’s, not Paul’s!) They currently live in Toronto, but are building a new house in Waterdown which will be ready in 2013.  Make sure you check out the slide show at the end or visit us on Facebook to see the rest of the photos!! 🙂


Wedding venue held at Liuna Station:

Catering by Liuna Station:

Dress by Saratina Bridal in Oakville:

Shoes by Bridal Shoes Canada:

Cake by Sarah

Flowers by Montes Place:

Hair by  Shear Creations:

Makeup by  Emily Bos: and Laura Amaya

Music by  DJ Emporium:

Transportation by  SUV Limo:

Lisa Marie and told me that she had her shoes made for her, how cool is that!!

Yeah can you say bling! You did good sister!! 😉

OMG honey!! Can you say GORGE!!!! You look absolutely AMAZING!!!

This moment was tender and sweet I just love the holding of each others hands 🙂

I think Paul’s expression says it all!

This was my first time at Liuna Station here in Hamilton and it won’t be my last! LOL

Everyone one was in deep anticipation, hoping that Michael would show up.  HE DID! and DID NOT DISAPPOINT! 😉