Listowel Country Wedding :: Jes + Mike

Hey Gang,

So sorry for the late posting, just had to put some finishing touches to it.  You know how it is! *wink*  I loved finding out how they met and Im happy to share it with you! Mike & Jes… a love story that started in 2002.  Mike was in OAC (grade 13 – victory lap), Jes was in grade 10. They had always known each other as they both grew up in Listowel, however, never spoke to each other. When they went to their “Semi- Formal” in high school, Mike asked Jes if she wanted to dance (as they both hated their dates lol) they danced together and there was an immediate connection (even though he was pretty much dancing on her feet the whole time). After that night the two began talking to each other over MSN -because Jes was too shy to talk in person (young immature girl love, as she calls it!). Throughout the many late night hours of talking over MSN and finally going out on a proper date to the movies they made it “official” on January 2nd 2002.

Throughout the year everything was amazing and Mike was looking into going off to school. Somehow, Jes managed to talk him into staying back for a year and work before he went off to school to acheive his dream at attaining his Degree in Business Accounting. Throughout his post secondary and Jes moving to Ottawa and then Thunder Bay to get her post secondary, they battled a long distance relationship for 4 years… with technology on their side they texted, skyped, and talked constantly to ensure that they kept their relationship alive.

Jes remembers when she was living in Ottawa going to school, and Mike knew she was extremely home sick, missed him terribly and was on the edge of deciding to transfer and go to school somewhere closer. He called her on a Friday night and asked her what she was doing .. she told him she was doing laundry and he said “no you’re not”.. Jes giggled and asked “what do you mean?”, he said he could see that she was just watching tv.. Jes was puzzeled and then he told her to look outside.. surely enough there he was in his 2001 Black Honda civic waiting outside her College Residence window. Right there she knew she wanted to marry him!

After dating for 10 years, he finally popped the question. Jes always told him she wanted to get engaged on a Wednesday, the have their sweet dog Charlie involved and she wanted it to be extremely low key and very personal. On Wednesday August 18th 2010 … Jes was extremely sick – she stayed home from work with the flu and stayed in bed watching all of her favourite Sex in the City and Friends episodes. Mike came home from work and made a fabulous dinner and although she was totally not in the mood to eat it, she went ahead and ate the meal because she knew he worked hard on it. After the meal Jes went back into bed to watch some more re-runs and in came charlie with a life jacket on (they were going to visit family who lived by the water – and Charlie can’t swim lol) so in came Charlie wear this neon yellow life jacket acting happy as pie to have something fun on. Mike came into the room looking like he caught Jes’ flu – she thought he was going to vomit! Only to finally realize Charlie had a jewlery box attached to his life jacket. Mike asked her to open it – and there it was … a stunning 1.52 carat solitare diamond ring!!!!! He said a great speech and of course she said “YES!!!”


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