Lisa-Marie + Paul + me

Hey Gang,

I know whats up, to blogs in a row ?!?!?  I had to post this!  Its OFFICIAL the 2012 wedding season has started and lets bring it ON!!  Lisa-Marie and Paul had found out about me from Rachel & Carlo’s wedding which a shot a couple of years ago.  I had mentioned in an earlier post that Paul’s got quite the dance moves, well lets just say that he did not disappoint at his wedding and MJ made a special appearance *wink*.  Come back next week to see Pauls special moves and this wonderful couples amazing wedding photos! *wink**wink*.  So your probably thinking whats with the train tracks? Lisa-Marie and Paul decided have their wedding at Liuna Station.  For anyone who doesn’t know Liuna is an old train station in Hamilton that has been converted to in my opinion a VERY COOL Place for a wedding.