Toronto Boudoir Session :: Gladstone Hotel

Hey Gang,

So you might be wondering what the heck!! I didn’t know he did Boudoir?? Well I don’t or should I say haven’t until now *lol*  You might recognize Lisa she was the maid of honour at one of my  super fun weddings this year so it was great to hear from her.  But I gotta be honest I had no clue that she was inquiring about a session for herself.  She mentioned to me how comfortable everyone in the bridal party was with me including herself and was wondering if I shoot Boudoir?  I had to be honest besides some sexy photos of my wife (shes going to kill me) *lol*, I hadn’t done one before.  What really compelled me to do this was her reasoning, she’s a mother of two gorgeous kids and like all moms you get busy well, BEING A MOM!! *lol*  and you put yourself and your needs aside for your family.  Now that her kids were a little older she decided to invest sometime in herself and started a diligent workout routine, well she finally reached her personal fitness goals and wanted to mark the occasion with something that she could always look back on an reflect upon this time in her life.  After I heard this story I was completely humbled that she chose me to document this milestone.  So to you Lisa and all the wonderful mothers cheers, you deserve it! *wink*


You can see more of the photos on my Facebook just be my friend please! *lol*