Lifestyle Engagement Session :: Claudia+Jason

Hey Gang!

We get SO pumped for engagement sessions! Especially Lifestyle sessions when our couples choose an activity/theme that says something about them as a couple. Claudia & Jason chose their location based on one of their favourite places to spend time together – in the kitchen! Not only was the light amazing – but the kitchen itself was to-die-for!! Seriously, kitchen goals!! *lol*

We loved everything about this session. The couple, their connection and their sweet puppy dog, Koda. We’re pretty sure Koda thinks he’s a furry human. And to be honest, we’re pretty convinced he is too *lol*. It was really nice to have him involved because he’s such an important part of Claudia & Jason’s lives!

Once the guacamole was prepared by Jason’s beautiful bride, we spent some time getting candid shots of them just hanging out. We did this shoot back in February and while it was a mild day, the weather wasn’t cooperating so the entire session was indoors…and guess what? It was AMAZING! Photogenic couple? check! Amazing location? Check! Koda giving Jason a massive bear hug? Check! Check! Check! We truly couldn’t have asked for more.

So our advice to couples who are trying to figure out where and when to do their engagement photos? It’s simple…choose a place where you’re most comfortable being intimate with your partner. Choose clothing that makes you most confident. And, if you’re into candid photography like we are, choose an activity that you enjoy doing together! The more distracted you are by the activity, the faster you’ll forget there are cameras around capturing moments with your sweetheart!

Claudia & Jason, thank you for being so awesome! You both did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more excited for your wedding day. Now…go give Koda a big hug from us!!

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