Leica+me :: Perspective

Hey Gang!

I have been having an amazing time doing personal projects while wedding season is in its lull. As you may have read a couple of weeks ago, I went on a date with a new, tiny and quiet friend…ahem, I mean camera *wink*. I have to admit I really do LOVE this camera!!! You know when they say “Slow down life is passing you by”?? Well I REALLY needed to! For those of you who know me, I pretty am “high energy” *lol*, always on the go and never stop. Whenever I have my camera with me I’m typically working and you all know that love my job and my couples! But every now and then it’s nice to shoot just for me. This camera not only gives me an outlet for personal projects like street/architectural photography, but it also FORCES me to sloooooww doooowwwwn. See this camera is fully manual, and yes that means manual focus too *wink* which brings me back to when I started. I still remember turing our washroom into a darkroom (problem was we only had one washroom in the whole house) *lol* I still remember the smell of fixer 🙂 nothing liken it.  I won’t get into all the details about her amazing body…uh..I mean “its” amazing body *lol*, but it is solid (so solid a friend of mine has a photo of him standing on it) and small so that allows me to do street photography without being right in people’s faces with a huge camera.   As I mentioned this camera forces me to take my time and think about and compose the shot.  I typically only take 24-36 frames per outing, which is a far cry from my wedding work.  See, it’s not about shooting 1000’s of photos, it’s about capturing the perfect one.

Check out my photos below for a sample of what I’ve been up to, and take the jump to my Facebook Page for the full album.