Leica + me :: Learning Curve

Hey Gang,
As you all know, I’ve been carving out some “me” time lately and have enjoyed every minute of it. Ok..well, maybe not every minute *lol*. It can be frustrating, learning to use a camera that operates differently than the ones I’m used to. It is a challenge to nail manual focus and discouraging when I look back and realize I haven’t. It requires a lot of patience to go out in the winter and wait for a moment, when everyone is cozy in their homes.

While there are definitely challenges and frustrations, the experience has been so rewarding and SO worth it. There is a certain excitement to learning something new and expanding my horizons. It is such an amazing feeling to take a shot and know that I have all the control when it comes to what my camera is focusing…and even better when I nail the focus *wink*. And catching that perfect moment, after slowing it down and really embracing the patience it takes to get the shot, well..there’s nothing like it.

I can go on and on about how much I love the fact that my Leica is small, not intimidating and doesn’t scream “HELLO!! I’m a photographer!!” or how shooting at 2 frames per second makes me a more purposeful photographer, really thinking through shots rather than shooting them off like a machine gun. But really, what I love most about my Leica is that it has challenged me. It has made me a better photographer, and it has driven me to be the kind of photographer I’ve always wanted to be. To me, there is nothing better than that.