Kristine + Ted + me

Hey Gang,

What a beautiful weekend! I dont think we could have asked for better weather.  So we decided to take George to see his brothers and sisters on Sunday.  I gotta say he had a blast, he hadn’t seen them in a few weeks but he felt right at home!  I know everyone is asking who the heck is George?? When do we get to see him??  In due time my peeps!  *wink*

So I had the absolute pleasure of documenting Kristine & Ted’s wedding a few weeks back and I know everyones been dying to see the pics! But first of course is our You+me!  Ted played football in high school and was on the first team all Canadian for the Waterloo University Warriors.  When they first met Kristine had NO interest in football, lets just say that the first day of the NFL is a national holiday at their house! *lol*  So obvsously they wanted to incorporate their love of the game with yours truly!  Come back in a few days to check out their wedding photos!