Kitchener Coptic Wedding :: Meriam + George

Hey Gang!

Meriam & George’s beautiful wedding day was full of tradition and love.  It is always wonderful to see a young couple preserve their culture and embrace their roots.  I could always go on and on about my couple’s wedding days, but I’ll let them speak for themselves through three simple questions….

He Said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…It was an image as close to heave as can be beheld on earth!

My favourite moment…is impossible to pinpoint – just too many favourites to count!  Escorting Meriam into the church to receive the great sacrament, being handed the Orthodox commandments to the bride and the groom and the sense of family, fellowship and love throughout every second were among the most memorable moments of my life!

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…that anything that went wrong didn’t bother me – whether it was power outages, the lost limo driver, or other “surprises” – the overwhelming joy and love of the day overshadowed any glitch or mistake that could possibly happen!

She said…

When I first saw him all dressed up…I was pretty overwhelmed. He was and still is the most handsome man I’ll ever know.

My favourite moment…was looking out at our loved ones behind us after the wedding ceremony was over as husband and wife.  Knowing that we walked into the church as two people and we left as one.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was the generator for the tent gave out.  This could probably double as my favourite moment because the tent was then only lit by the candles on the tables…and the speeches continued!  It was pretty awesome.  Very us – never sweating the small stuff!

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