Jennifer + Kyle + me

Hey Gang,

This is my VERY FIRST destination You+me!! I know!! You figure with all the destination weddings I’ve done I would have already had one of these under my belt but NOPE this is my very first!!  This is the one!!  This go back a few years now when Jennifer had mentioned had first seen me in action at Keri & Rob’s wedding in 2007.  She knew from that moment on I was going to capture hers and Kyle’s special day.  So to say the least I was super honoured and excited!  OK, so the story behind this shot is pretty silly and simple.  Tyrone Kyle’s brother/best man had been doing the “Ronnie” from Jersey Shore all week long! For any of you who dont know “Ronnie” its a dance where you simply wave your hand across your face.  However we thought we would put our own spin on it! *LOL*  Come back tomorrow to see some wedding highlights!