Jennifer + Eric + me

Hey Gang,
Can you say sweet couple?? Well that’s exactly how you would describe these two! I met Jennifer years ago but didn’t realize who she was through her emails. It wasn’t until I opened my door and saw the life-guard from our local pool that I put two and two together! *lol* Jennifer had worked at the pool for years during the summer off of university and she literally watched my kids grow up and learn to swim. It’s safe to assume she’s been active her whole life and a passion that both her and Eric share is baseball. They both played and excelled at it, so when it came to our You+me it only seemed fitting to incorporate their childhood loves with their love for each other.  Oh yeah! I almost forgot the best part!  Eric actually knocked it off my head and Im happy to report no photographers were injured in the event *wink* Make sure you come back in a few to see their AMAZING wedding day!