BLINK :: Heather+Brandon

Hey Gang!

The day you get married is full of many emotions. Very rarely do I meet a bride or groom who is totally cool like a cucumber – there are always some nerves. It is, after all, one of the biggest days of your life. And to top it off, you’re doing it in front of a bunch of people! *lol* But behind all of that, there is another emotion. Call it what you want – joy, elation, excitement, happiness, etc…seeing that on my couples’ faces is the “cherry on top” of an already amazing day.

Nerves can take over. They can make people edgy, they can steal them away from what is really going on (I think that is how our body copes!), but underneath it all is something beautiful. It is the reason a bride and groom continued dating after their first date, it is imperfections that are overshadowed by everything they love about each other, it is knowing that they wouldn’t want to know a day without the other person in it, and it is the comfort in knowing they will never have to.

Just before his first look with Heather, I spent some time with Brandon, taking a few shots of him. He nervously smiled, took a few deep breaths and waited as his bride made her way to him. He looked up for a second, took another breath and I saw a look come over his face. The nerves were gone, the jitters were no longer there and in a split second I went from seeing an anxious groom about to see his bride, to a man who had realized “I’m getting married today!” He was completely present and everything that hid beneath all of that “typical” wedding day nervousness was right there on his face.

It is realizing that anyone who has ever said “Nobody’s perfect” is wrong and you’re lucky enough to marry someone who is absolutely perfect for you. Many amazing things happen in a wedding day, but as we know they all go by in a *blink*, just like this one did. Capturing moments like this never gets old for this very reason.

Come back soon for more from their beautiful day!