Harbour Banquet and Conference Centre Wedding :: Trish + Mike ::

Hey Gang,

here’s the story about how this amazing couple met!!  BTW for anyone asking what the heck is with our You+me photo well the runny joke is that Mike as some wicked bad gas at times! *lol*

They became friends at the beginning of our OAC year in high school that when they were introduced through one of their mutual friends at the time.   During their OAC year, class sizes were much smaller than the previous year, and as a result, they shared a lot of the same classrooms.  They would hang out every once and a while with a group of friends, but never alone.  In that year, they started planning a trip to Cuba with the same group of friends. None of them had ever been there before, and they wanted to go on one last high school adventure.  Cuba is where their relationship really started to kindle. They started to see the different sides of one another… like how goofy, fun, and ridiculous each other were.  They drank together and partied together down there.  They had never seen this side of one another before, because they typically only hung out at school.  One day, while on the beach, they all made a killer sandcastle together.  After it was done, they wanted to destroy it.  For some unknown reason, Mike put on Trisha’s beach dress and dove head first into the castle.  Because Mike is obviously bigger than Trish, he tore up her dress during the dive. He felt pretty bad about the whole ordeal, but Trish was cool with it. Strangely enough, their friendship continued to grow from there.  Trisha’s birthday was about 2 weeks after they got back from their trip.  Mike (along with their friends) threw a party for her at Mike’s parents house, where he surprised her with a birthday card. Inside of it was a Barbie dress stuffed with cash. It was his way of apologizing and repaying her for ruining her dress on the beach.  This is when Trish got a small glimpse of his weird sensitive and caring side.  From there, they continued to spend more and more time together. They started to study and do homework together… which Trish believes was Mike’s nerdy way of spending alone time together. This turned into movie nights, dinners, drinking and playing pool (one on one – not as a group anymore) wink, Their friendship continued to grow stronger and stronger each day as they spent more and more time together.  They definitely felt that ‘relationship’ vibe, but neither of them were acting on it.  Mike tried a couple of times, but timing wasn’t right, and the conversation that needed to happen, didn’t. Eventually though, on June 7, 2003, they went for a quite romantic walk together, and while sitting on a bench (the one of their engagement photos) , they had their conversation and decided to officially start seeing each other as a couple!!  They always joked that Trish fell in love Mike’s sexy brain, but she fell in love his genuine enthusiasm and excitement for taking on life’s adventures and his appreciation for all the small things. Mike fell in love with her quirkiness, her fun-loving spirit, her sense of humor, her positive outlook on life, and laid-back attitude.


Cake  by www.giluxury.com

Flowers by Mimi’s House of Flowers

Hall/Reception Area Harbour Banquet and Conference Center  www.harbourbanquet.ca

Shoes Urban Bride www.myurbanbride.com

Dress by Rainbow Bridal www.rainbowbridal.com

Groom Suit  Stoney Creek Tailors www.stoneycreektailors.com

DJ by www.thunderdj.com

Limo Town Car Limousine www.towncarlimousine.ca