Hey Gang,

Here’s this week’s You+me straight to you from comic book land!  As you can probably gather from this photo someone here is a HUGE comic book fan and as much as I enjoy  thinking about saving the world its my man Graham that had the ultimate adventure.  Got to hangout out with his fellow super hero groomsmen (you’ll see what I mean in a couple of days) *wink*, provided his guests with a kick a$$ party and got the beautiful girl at the end!  So when Graham had told me that he bought Superhero belt buckles for all his grooms I thought that was so cool but when he told me that he got me one too I was floored.  So I got to be the FLASH for the day, I asked them why the flash? They said after their e-session with me they never met anyone with so much “Energy” (polite way of saying hyper) *lol*.  I have to say that I laughed so hard when they told me that.  To make things even better Hailey surprised Graham, by wearing a Superhero garter belt, how awesome is that!! OK, so make sure you come back tomorrow to check out this couples Photo booth!