BLINK :: Sandra+Pierre

Hey Gang!

There are so many aspects to a wedding that make it the day of your dreams.  It’s waking up and realizing that the day has finally arrived…after counting down from hundreds of sleeps to no sleeps.  It’s getting ready with your girls and being pampered to the point to where you look back at your reflection and see a bride.  It is finally getting to put that dress on and imagining your love’s reaction when he sees you for the first time.  It is cracking a beer open with your boys and knowing that your best friends are there to stand next to you as you take the biggest step in your life.  It is taking the breath away of everyone in the room as you stand at the end of the aisle.  It is that first kiss as husband and wife that fills you with butterflies and makes everything official.

It’s true that all of these big moments, put together, make for a perfect day….but then there are the seconds when no one is looking. When it feels like it is truly just the two of you. That is really what it is all about….it isn’t the party, or all the frills. While those things are important and make everything look beautiful, after the wedding is over all that is left is the couple, their love and the promises they made. That is why I love this moment between Sandra & Pierre so much. With all the excitement going on, their guests having an amazing time, enjoying the party…they leaned in and kissed. Losing themselves in each other and not the hype of the day. We know that the day comes and goes in a *blink*…when couples ground themselves for even a few seconds, they’ve created a beautiful memory that will always stand out in the blur of a beautiful, perfect wedding day.