Hacienda Sarria Kitchener Wedding :: Sam+Pierre

Hey Gang!
Sandra & Pierre’s Hacienda Sarria wedding was the picture of romance!!  Everything from the decor to the venue to the COUPLE made their day like something out of a fairy tale.
Where did all of this love and romance begin you may ask?  The elevator!  Back in 2008, Pierre was moving into Sandra’s building and she saw him there in the elevator on move-in day with a lamp in hand.  She politely welcomed him to the neighbourhood and an elevator friendship was budding!
Over the next four years they kept in touch over BBM, emails, little written notes and of course the occasional elevator ride!  They both did some travelling and Sandra would water Pierre’s plants while he was away…and Pierre would pick up his dead plants when he returned *lol*.
After Sandra moved away and then much to Pierre’s surprise moved back into the building, he asked her if she’d like to grab a coffee or some wine.  Sandra was “busy” *lol* and moved away again…returned again and finally took Pierre up on his offer after a few months.  The best part is even though they lived in the same building, Sandra insisted they drive separately so that it didn’t look like a “date”!
After that “non-date” they hit it off, enjoying each other’s company enough to go out again…and again…and again.  They were inseparable!  They would take frequent trips on the elevator, though this time solo because they were going up and down to each other’s places to spend time together…and eventually, they made the decision to move in together.
On a trip to Jamaica, Pierre decided it was time to take another step…Sandra wasn’t going to move anywhere and she definitely was no longer “busy” *lol*…so he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  And this time…….her answer was YES *wink*