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Hey Gang!

How many times have you heard “it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day”? It’s probably right up there with “It’s good luck when a bird poops on you”, I’ve lost count!! *lol* Let’s face it, there is a reason we check the weather everyday as soon as a wedding date is on the extended forecast! Everyone is hoping for a beautiful day.

There are times though, when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate…when she drops a bunch of rain throughout the day and makes it nearly impossible to take photos outdoors without an umbrella. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that your wedding day did not happen as you expected. To feel gipped by forces beyond you because you got a day that wasn’t filled with big beautiful clouds and sun peeking through. It is not hard to stress about it the entire week leading up to your wedding and wake up the morning of the BIG day, disappointed by the raindrops running down the window. Looking outside, it doesn’t look like a beautiful day…but sometimes there is more than meets the eye.

On Dena & Tony’s wedding day, I woke up to RAIN. My heart sank a little bit, I’ll admit. I felt terrible for the couple – I knew that they must have wanted nice weather and I wanted that for them. I got ready that day, hoping that the rain would eventually stop so that my couple wasn’t effected by it. Once we arrived to capture Dena getting ready, not a word was said about the weather…all she kept saying throughout the morning, with the most ELATED look on her face was “I’m getting MARRIED!!!!” It was incredible to see her, so happy and excited…The best part of all this is that it carried on throughout the day! When we got to the University of Guelph for the first look, there was Tony, all smiles and Dena walking with a bounce in her step towards her groom.

This photo of the two of them is how they were the entire day. As it turned out, Dena & Tony totally understood the concept of the *blink*. They knew their day would go by quickly and instead of complaining and being grumpy about the weather they got, they embraced that they were getting married and that’s all that really matters!

On my way home, I realized that day was probably one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever had…rain and all.

Come back soon for more from their amazing day!


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