Guelph Arboretum Engagement :: Lindsay+Andrew

Hey Gang!

Lindsay & Andrew’s engagement session took place at the Arboretum in Guelph. This place is so unique and beautiful, we don’t know why we don’t shoot there more often *lol*. For couples looking for a more secluded feel to their photos, this is the location of your dreams! Not only are there beautiful hedges, fields and flowers to work with, but there is a floating board walk in what we can only describe as the “bayou of Ontario”!! It’s definitely a place worth checking out, even if you’re just looking for somewhere to take a romantic stroll with your loved one.

Whenever we shoot a wedding, one of the things we look forward to is meeting our couples’ friends and family. As you may know, we LOVE getting to know our couples beyond a “vendor/client” relationship. It never made sense to us to meet with people once and then show up at their wedding as a stranger. How many complete strangers did you invite to your wedding? Exactly – NONE! So why would we be the first? To top it off, no one will spend more time with you on your wedding day than your photographer. So one little piece of advice for anyone that’s looking for a wedding photographer…pick someone you like spending time with. Choose a team that wants more from you than a paycheck. Take time to talk to your friends who have already been through their wedding journey and find out if their photographers went the extra mile to get to know you as people, not as clients.

So where are we going with this long winded paragraph and what does it have to do with Lindsay & Andrew? *lol* Well, we met Lindsay & Andrew at Kristy & Chris’ wedding last year! Meeting our couples’ family and friends is like opening a door into their lives and we learn so much about them from the people they hold near and dear to their hearts. It goes without saying that we get so excited when word spreads and we end up booking other couples from our past brides’ & grooms’ weddings.

We are very PUMPED for this awesome couple’s outdoor wedding. It holds special meaning for them as they’re tying the knot on Lindsay’s parents’ property – how sweet is that!?

Check out their photos below and stay tuned for photos from their wedding day coming up in September!!

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