Grand Olympia Wedding :: Kristina+Marko

Hey Gang!

Being a part of Kristina & Marko’s wedding day was like a family reunion, literally!  Lori grew up with Kristina. Their families have been friends for many years and she also has known Marko’s family as they belong to the same church community.  I too saw a lot of familiar faces!  Kristina happens to be first cousins with Trish & Mike, a past couple who I absolutely love!  It was so wonderful getting to see their family again and partying with everyone – they’re such a warm, fun bunch!

The day was full of so many wonderful moments, but for Lori and I, our favourite had to be Kristina’s dance with her grandfather.   It was so special to be able to witness him dance with his youngest grandchild.

Here’s how our sweet couple remember their day!

He Said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress… I almost swore in the church on the fact that she looked flipping amazing

My favourite moment…Was when we had some time to ourselves into the cellar during our photo shoot in a nice secluded location to appreciate that we were finally married

Something that happened that I did not expect... Was to be superman down the length of the hall to get a kiss from my wife.

She Said:

When I first saw him all dressed up.….when he turned around to see me the smile on his face made my heart beat really fast and melt at the same time if that’s even possible, I felt like we were the only two people in the room and I also thought he looked very handsome.

My favourite moment.
….the whole day was my favourite moment however if I had to choose, I am having a hard time choosing between 2. One moment is when we were announced into the reception hall which lead into our first dance. It was surreal being in the spotlight that moment and it reminded me that we were husband and wife! This moment is tied with our time taking photos at Fielding Wine Estates! At Fielding I felt so happy and in love, the setting was so romantic and I felt very lucky they allowed us to use the cellar to take photos!

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…..I didn’t expect the whole day to go by so quickly. I also didn’t expect to be so emotional in the morning while I was getting ready and greeting family and friends at my parents house I also expected to be emotional during the vows but I didn’t cry while saying the vows which also surprised me lol!!!

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