Grand Cayman Island Wedding :: Attie+Ken

Hey Gang!
It doesn’t matter how a couple does it, whether it is during a “first look” or the ceremony, the moment they see each other for the first time on the day of their wedding is by far one of my favourites.
For many brides, their wedding is one they’ve been dreaming about for years.  Every tiny detail has been thought about, planned and imagined.  The most important of those details (aside from finding Mr. Right *wink*)? The wedding gown.  Some women spend hours and hours trying dresses on, going from shop to shop while others say “yes” to the first one they try on.  But whether she finds it within moments of her hunt or months after, one thing is for certain…she is thinking about two things.  Firstly, “do I LOVE this dress” and secondly, “Will HE love this dress?”.  Some might even suggest that the latter is the one that weighs the most on their mind.
Now, for the groom it is typically a little different.   He wakes up the morning of, like any other day, and then it occurs to him that it isn’t.   He works himself out of bed, might find his boys around the kitchen table where a few jokes and memories are shared. After eating breakfast, he heads to his room to get ready.  But this morning is different.  He’ll take a quick shower and start to get ready.  But this time, he will take extra care NOT to nick himself while shaving.  Today, he reaches for her favourite cologne.  He might even wear a watch or cufflinks that were a gift from his girl.  As the morning unfolds, the anticipation begins to build, just like a snowball.  He realizes that his palms are a little clammier than normal, his heart might be beating faster and the thought of seeing his girl for the first time has taken a new meaning.  Because it occurs to him that when he sees her she wont just be his girl but his Bride.
While Attie was getting ready, I couldn’t get over how radiant she looked in her gorgeous dress.  “He’s going to go bananas!!” I told her, and she replied “I hope he likes it!” The fact is, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  Of course it is nice to hear “You look beautiful” on your wedding day, but it really only matters coming from two men.  Your dad…and coming ahead with a slight edge, your soon to be husband.
Like most grooms, Ken is a laid back kind of guy. So I was curious how he would react when he saw Attie for the first time as his bride.  As she walked towards him, he turned to see her, and there she was.  The same beautiful girl he dated, the one he proposed to because he couldn’t see forever without her…and now his bride. I couldn’t and wouldn’t hear the words exchanged, but the look on his face said it all.  Pure joy, love and awe for the gorgeous woman standing in front of him.  It truly was an honour to witness such an anticipated and intimate moment.
They couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other all day, but there is nothing like the first time you see one anther on your wedding day.  So many emotions and feelings build up throughout the day and this incredible slice of time is gone in a *blink*.