Tyler & Cathy

Tyler and Cathy’s love story began in 2006.  Cathy was attending Mohawk College in Hamilton when she became friends with her classmate, and one of Tyler’s friends, Kevin.  It wasn’t long before Cathy saw a picture of Kevin’s friend Tyler, and she told Kevin that she wanted to meet Tyler.  That same night, Kevin called Cathy and told her that Tyler had also seen a picture of Cathy and mentioned to Kevin that he wanted to meet her! The two of them chatted on the computer, and talked on the phone, but once they finally met, they both couldn’t ignore how quickly they both fell in love with each other. After a few years, and many wonderful memories together Tyler decided he would finally ask Cathy to marry him.

While at his mothers house one day, Tyler conveniently had to run to the store and within a minute of his departure,  his mom had suggested that they throw Tyler a surprise 25th birthday dinner with his closest family and friends. She had come up with the perfect place in Burlington, and would make all of the reservations.  Cathy immediately agreed, even though she was a bit surprised as it was about 2 months away still.  Cathy excitedly told everyone about the surprise for Tyler and gave them all the details for the dinner.  The day finally came, and Cathy couldn’t be prouder that Tyler had not found out about the surprise party with all his family and friends.  All Cathy told him was that they would be going out for a quiet dinner, just them and his parents! They arrived to the restaurant, where they were lead to a closed off area of the restaurant, and all of the guests yelled ‘Surprise!!’ as they entered the room. Before Cathy had the chance to greet all of the guests, happy birthday started playing along with a slideshow of baby pictures of Tyler.  Cathy-not aware why they were singing happy birthday before they even got their dinner, went along with it and sang along! Once the song finished, one of their songs came on, with a slideshow of pictures of the two of them, along with the final screen reading ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Cathy turned around to find Tyler who was already down on one knee, and she gave him a big YES in front of their family and friends.  Cathy had no idea that the surprise was actually on her this entire time, and that Tyler had planned the entire event! Now here we are in Dominican Republic!