BLINK :: Ashley+Kevin

Hey Gang!

With the craziness of life and planning a huge event, we can sometimes get caught up and forget what we’re doing in the first place. Sure, it’s obvious, you’re getting married! But what does that REALLY mean? If you’re one of the lucky ones, it means you found your soulmate, the person you get to wake up next to and truly feel a sense of gratitude for their presence. It means you are expanding the family you grew up in, to include that very special person…and it also means that as a couple you’re establishing a family of your own. Marrying Mr. or Mrs. Right means that someone will always have your back even if you feel like the world is against you. It means a partnership, love, trust and respect. And for many, it means one of your dreams has just come true.

We tell our couples all of the time to “take it in”; Realize what the day is truly about and absorb that. Looking at Ashley in this moment, we couldn’t help but smile. That doesn’t look like a bride who is thinking about anything but this beautiful day and what it all means. Capturing this moment was more than just an opportunity to say “aw, she looks so happy”. While that is true, there will always be times when life gets crazy again and we all lose touch with what it’s really all about. Remembering *blinks* like these puts everything in perspective…at the end of the day, being married to your soulmate means you never have to go through the ups and downs of life alone again.