Galt Country Club Wedding :: Tanya+Matt

Hey Gang!


I am so excited to share with you all the moments from Tanya & Matt’s wedding. To tell you these two are sweet is an understatement! From our very first meeting right up until the wedding day, I enjoyed getting to know them.


Their proposal story is absolutely incredible…so here it is for you all to enjoy!!


It all started in December 2011 – Matt knew he wanted to ask Tanya that big question, and he knew they were heading to England for a trip and a family wedding during the Olympics in London.
London is their favourite city. They went together a year into their relationship and they always say they fell in love in the city that they Love.
So that December, Matt had the opportunity to head to London. Unfortunately, due to work schedules he had to go without Tanya. Matt stayed with Dom (Groomsman and Cousin). Throughout his time there, he was on a mission.. feel the city out and plan a proposal. He wanted to see all the things Tanya loved about London.
After that the waiting began. They had planned the trip together, wanting to see London, York , Edenbrough, Sunderland for a family wedding then back to London and finally off to Paris.
With all that planning Matt knew that Tanya and her Girlfriends would chat about him possibly popping the question and if he was to, he would in Paris, as it’s the thing to do in the city of Love. But because he knew this, he wanted it to be different and unexpected. So “sneaky Matt” planned to ask her the day before they left for Paris.
9 months later they were on their way with the ring packed away with all his camera gear (knowing she wouldn’t shuffle through it)
– did I mention my man, Matt is a fellow photographer??!


They got to London, had a week of traveling the country seeing castles villages and family, all of which he did with the ring in his pocket.
Their final week was planned for 2 days in London and 2 days in Paris. On their 1st day in London they went in to the City shopped and got things they wanted for themselves and others, went to a pub or 2 ( “it would be rude not to” as they always say with Dom) and headed back for a great meal with Dominic.
The next day was the big day. That night, as Tanya headed to bed, Dom and Matt chatted about the day ahead and planned it all out
The next morning they woke up and Tanya looked at Matt and said “Matt I just had the craziest dream… I dreamt that you proposed to me today. Isn’t that crazy!?” *LOL* Matt looked at her and said “ya that’s a pretty crazy dream babe.” As he gulped!


So they got ready and headed to the train. They started at tower bridge and headed to get a tea and from there they went to the millennium bridge to get photos of the Olympic rings hanging on tower bridge. After that they went down to the south bank of the river Thames to the London Eye: One of Tanya’s favourite spots.
As they approached they found out some small festivals were going on that day and about 2000 people were all around the London eye and the banks of the river. They went around the corner for a bit to eat and a drink. (Matt needed to calm him nerves!!) As they finished up he went to the “loo”, got the ring out, splashed water in his face and prepped himself, ( this was it , the beginning of a new life and life with “US”. A better life with the one he loves)
Tanya looked at Matt and said should “we head this way so we can miss all the crowds to head over the parliament?” Matt’s stomach dropped ( this wasn’t part of his plan) He looked at her and said “actually that way has no access for pedestrians we have to go around this way, besides it’s a better view.. ” (Good save, my man!! *lol*)
So they head back to the river, past the London eye and towards Westminster bridge. Matt saw an opening right along the river with a great view of parliament across the river. Matt said to Tanya “why don’t we get a quick picture of each other here before we cross? Here Tanya you take my picture first, k?” She snapped a photo and then Matt took the camera from Tanya. As his back was turned he pulled out the ring. He stalled the shot a bit, took a step forward with the camera to his face and took the shot. He walked forward and kissed her and whispered in her ear, “Tanya I love you so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You have made all my dreams come true” Matt slowly took a step back and looked into Tanya’s eyes , they both smiled and he got down on one knee. It felt like they were the only people in London, Matt recalls. She looked at him in disbelief and Matt asked her “Tanya with you marry me?”

She started to cry and what did she say??……..”yes!!!!!! Of course!!!!” Matt got up , they hugged and kissed and they noticed they have 200 + people clapping and taking photos of them. He put the ring on her finger and they were glowing. After that they two enjoyed an amazing dinner at Clos Maggiore.

Dominic was waiting for them after dinner to drive them home and as they pulled up, Dom had put up banners and got champagne for them to celebrate. Phone calls were made and they headed to Paris the next day for another 2 amazing days.

WOW! what a proposal, Right?!! Now…check out their beautiful day!!

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