Things About Me :: Alumni Spotlight

Hey Gang!
Recently a teacher from my old High School sent me an email about being featured in their “Alumni Spotlight”. I was SO honoured that they’d even think of me and for a second I wondered if the email was sent to the right person *lol*.

When I walked the halls of Monsignor Doyle, I dreamed about the Chicago Bulls trading Scottie Pippen for me and winding up being Michael Jordan’s wingman. I never would have imagined that life would have taken me in the direction that it did; if anything, I would have thought that I’d be featured down the road for my NBA career *wink* I wasn’t ever really interested in the arts as a teenager and wouldn’t have even considered that photography would be the way I made my living, let alone be my passion. While it would have been cool to rub shoulders with “His Airness”, I feel so fortunate to have found something that I absolutely love to do and I was so happy to share that with my old High School.

I am grateful to Monsignor Doyle for selecting me to be featured. When I graduated, I thought that would be the last time I’d be in the halls of that school…but as you’ll see from the picture below, I was wrong *wink*