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Hey Gang!
I often remind myself that a camera that sits at home is a waste of space.  Afterall, that camera is not going to shoot itself!  But at the same time, I find myself with empty hands when I’m out and about.  Last week while I was in Montreal with my kids on vacation, I was once again reminded of the fact that even if it is with your cell phone, you never know – the next shot might be “the one”. Well…that’s exactly what happened when the kids and I were at the zoo!  We were at the hippo exhibit and there it was, coming right at me..I pulled out my phone and *snap*…I got it.  I brought the photo up in my favourite editing app, did a little “PicTapGo” magic on it & posted it on instagram.
Well…a couple of days later, to my surprise, PicTapGo contacted me asking if they could use my photo from my instagram in their weekly picks! Wha wha whaaaat!!?? *LOL*  I was so honoured and excited to be selected and to be featured amongst so many talented people.
Moral of the story?  Take pictures!!  You never know when you’ll catch the perfect moment that’ll turn into your next wall print or favourite memory…
p.s. I would check out PicTapGo, so easy to use and the creative possibilities are endless
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