Unquestionably weddings are our true passion but we’ve had the honour of having our couples come back with their growing families. We have to admit, capturing their family memories is so rewarding in itself. It’s so cool seeing our couples tie the knot and then documenting the next phase in their lives as parents.

When we first started shooting weddings we would do as many as 60 weddings a year. However, as great as it was celebrating every weekend with couples, we never had enough time to get to know them as a couple. Now we only shoot 25 weddings per year. The best part about that is having the time to learn about what is important to our couples and being able to have a little fun before the big day. This allows us to provide the best in quality and service.

We absolutely do family shots during the wedding day! We just don’t turn it into a full blown photo-shoot that takes hours. Your family photos should only take 15-30 mins. This gives us more time to focus on you guys and it gets your family back to the party.

Simply put, our photography tends to be more journalistic in nature. We absolutely love capturing the real moments that you will only have once on your wedding day. The best photos are typically the ones that document the interactions between you and your families/friends, the quiet moments between you and your new spouse and when everyone lets loose and has a great time!

Great, so you love our photos! Just as important as loving your photographer’s photos is how you get along with them. More importantly, how comfortable you are around them. Simply put, if you’re comfortable with someone, you’re able to be yourself around them. When we work with a couple, we want them to be themselves. We want to be able to capture real moments and real emotion. After all, when you look back on your wedding photos you want to see YOU, not the stiff, uncomfortable version of you.

On average most of our couples book up to 12-18 months before their wedding. Because photographers tend to book up fast, usually right after the venue and ceremony location are set, it might be a good idea to snatch the photographer that is right for you before you lose them to someone else.

Not only do you get your full resolution images on disk for personal printing, they also all have a basic editing performed on them, ensuring you receive top quality images.


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