Kitchener Family Photography :: Christa + Rob + Abby + Joey

Hey Gang,
You know how mechanics drive around in beat-up cars because they never have time to fix them? Well the same goes for photographers; we’re never in our own photos or more importantly photos with our loved ones. I’m definitely guilty of this and I’ve made a resolution this year to have our family photos taken. Enough about me! When I had the opportunity to capture my friend/fellow photographer’s family I realized how significant these photos were. As photographers we’re so involved in capturing special moments for our couples we forget that we also deserve to have our own lives documented. This was Christa and her family’s first time having their photos professionally taken and they weren’t too sure what they were in for *wink* When I first met Abby and Joey that day I asked them ” you know when you have your school photos taken and the photographer asks you to stay still and NOT MOVE?” They said “yes” and I responded with “We sure as heck are NOT going to do that, we’re going to get moving, we’re going to get dirty and we’re going to have fun” and that is exactly what we did!