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Hey Gang!

Whenever someone asks us what our style is, words like natural, photojournalistic, candid, moments oriented, etc. come out of our mouths. Truly, there is no greater satisfaction than when everything aligns perfectly – composition, lighting, and hitting the shutter at the right millisecond. There are times when a wedding day unfolds naturally, that I see something absolutely incredible. It might be the direction of the wind, a beam of sun peaking out from behind the clouds or a group of birds flying off at once and, I’ll be honest, for a second I think “How can I recreate this, just to see if I can get a better shot the second time around?”. Yes..I said it….Recreate. I almost feel like I should type it out like a bad word because the word “R$&%@*te” should never be uttered when talking about wedding photography.

I think it is natural to think about trying it again, to get the PERFECT composure, the proper exposure, etc. But what I’ve seen time and time again is that the first shot…the completely natural one, will always be the better shot. While on the beach after Raluca & Rui’s beautiful Mexico wedding ceremony, the wind started to pick up a bit. Raluca’s long beautiful veil blew right in front of my camera while grabbing some candids of the new Mr. & Mrs. It was incredible – but just to be sure I got THE shot, I kept shooting, this time grabbing the veil and placing it in front of my camera. I wanted to kick myself for it afterwards because deep down I knew what mattered most was the *BLINK* that was happening right in front of me, the authentic moment and not the one I tried to recreate.

I’m happy to say that the photo in that sequence that I liked the most was the first photo…the one where all the elements aligned and we had a true slice of pure wedded bliss.

Come back soon for more from their day…as it naturally happened!