Waterloo Park Engagement :: Kristine + Ted

Hey Gang,

Yes you probably guessed it I was on holidays last week but Im back!  Not just back but back with a blogging furry in me! *lol*  Im happy to start this week off with such a sweet couple.  Kristine had found out about me through one of her friends after creeping her wedding photo on Facebook! *wink*  I have to say that I dont know if I have EVER met such a laid back couple before and I gotta admit it really promotes a fun time when your just hanging out.  During our session Kristine mentioned how she noticed that I have a shoe fetish, dont judge me I can appreciate a good pair of pumps! *lol*  She dropped a hint letting me know that she was confident that I was going to LOVE her shoes.  Come back in a few weeks to see what shoes shoes she sported.