Embassy Grand Convention Centre :: Charlene+Nello

Hey Gang!

Charlene & Nello’s Summer wedding was picture perfect.  Every detail right down to the things we can’t control, like weather, could not have been better!  We had such a wonderful time with their SUPER fun wedding party and their wedding planner Wassal from Petals & Pearls was truly a joy to work with.  And then, there’s our main man Vince from TVE Productions – what can we say – this guy and his team are truly the best!!!

A BIG thank you to our couple, Charlene & Nello, for having us share in their beautiful day.  We have enjoyed every moment of our journey in getting to know you.  We loved being able to witness the special moments throughout your wedding – everything from the laughter to tears to tearing it up on the dance floor – it was truly an honour.

Here’s how our amazing couple remember their day:

He said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…I was overwhelmed with emotion as I saw Charlene walk down the aisle in her big fluffy dress… I didn’t expect to be so emotional at the alter but once I saw my bride, I knew that A new chapter would begin in our lives.

My favourite moment…was our first dance as husband and wife. It allowed us to have a moment all to ourselves and take in the entire day that has unfolded.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was the garter toss- when one of our groomsmen blindfolded me and tricked me to thinking that he was Charlene. He sat beside Charlene and she covered his legs with her dress to make it seem as they were hers. They didn’t allow me to use my hands so I had to go up his leg with my mouth! It was hilarious as I was up there for quite some time! Also, I didn’t expect her dress to be so big!

She said:

When I first saw him all dressed up….I thought wow I am the luckiest girl in town! He looked so charming and with tears in his eyes he was hard to resist! I was shocked to see how emotional he was, it made everything come to life and feel real!

My favourite moment…it’s hard to choose just one! Looking at Nello and saying our vows to each other was very sentimental and a moment that I will never forget. My fathers speech was also held dear to my heart. All of the speeches and dancing were very memorable

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was the venue to look as beautiful as it did, seeing our vision come to life was truly an amazing experience! Also I didn’t expect my dress to be as massive as it was taking up most of the dance floor! But I loved every inch of it!

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