Elm Hurst Inn Wedding :: Jennifer+Brett

Hey Gang!

I am so excited to show you all Jennifer & Brett’s beautiful wedding day. The sun was shining, the venue was gorgeous and the newlyweds were glowing. It was an amazing day!!

How did it all start out for these two love birds? Well, in 2008, Brett was living and working out west for the better part of the year and he came home in the early spring due to his grandparents passing. Meanwhile, Jennifer had just started her teaching career at this time. It was during Brett’s first few weeks back to Ontario that they met a few times through friends. Jennifer’s best friend and maid of honour had known him many years before so it was through her that they ended up meeting and catching each others attention. They eventually started dating, however Jennifer had a trip to Europe planned that summer so their relationship was put on hold for a month until she returned. Before she left they both knew that this was worth waiting for. They messaged each other while she was away and when Jennifer returned, they picked up where they left off. It is their love for travel that really brought them the best times in their relationship… so far! In 2010 they travelled to Hawaii and Fiji which was a trip of a lifetime. It was hard to beat!

One of their favourite places to travel is Las Vegas. They have made this a regular summer trip, and last July of course was the surprise of a lifetime. They went with close friends of theirs (groomsmen Rob Maas and bridesmaid Christine Maas) and decided to rent a brand new red mustang (ahhh Sally!!) and drive to the Grand Canyon (none of them had been there yet). They spent the day and evening trekking to what everyone else was looking for (besides Jennifer because she was thinking “it’s getting late we should head back”)…. the perfect spot. They snapped a million photos and drove to the end and finally turned around… making one last stop. The sun was just setting when Brett asked Jennifer to stand for a photo with him that Rob would take. Smiling, ready, and posing, suddenly a song broke out (christine had speaker ready) and Brett was down on one knee asking her to marry him!!! The setting couldn’t have been more perfect or planned. They are very appreciative of their friends for capturing it and sharing it with them. They then made the long drive home and of course partied like rock stars in Vegas to end the trip!

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