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Hey Gang!
We all know what it is like to lose someone that we love.  Whether they’re old or young, it is part of life to feel the pain and grief associated with the loss of someone special.  Everyday, there are moments when you think of that person and there’s the longing for a phone call or a visit…but it is on special occasions or holidays that we feel their absence the most.  I like to think that even if they aren’t here physically, their presence is still there in some form, watching over us and sharing the moments in a different way.
Brett’s grandfather was an important person in his life.  Among many other things, he was a carpenter and helped Brett install the hardwood floor in his house.  I can imagine that every so often, Brett recalls the memories they made as they worked together to complete it.
After his grandfather passed away, Brett’s family had to do what all families do when they lose a loved one; organize his things and pack them away. The process can be emotionally draining, knowing that that person is not going to come back.  The finality of it all becomes reality as each box is filled and everyone decides what to do with all of the items.  But what Brett’s family was not expecting was all the dimes they found.  In drawers, closets, counters and cupboards – dimes, dimes, dimes!  It was unreal, and they wondered, was this his way of letting everyone know that his presence was still there?
But that’s not where it stopped – When Brett checked into his room at the Inn on his wedding day he went back and forth from the car to the room, bringing in all of their things so that he could settle in.  On his last trip from the car to the room, what did he find inside the room? Yep, a dime, right by the door! He swears it was not there on any of his other trips back and forth from the room to the car, and I like to think that was his grandfather’s way of saying he was there for his grandson’s big day.  At the ceremony, he handed his mother two very special things, a small piece of hardwood flooring and the dime that he found in his room.
Sometimes we’re sad when a special occasion comes around and all of our loved ones aren’t there to see it.  But I’d say Brett’s grandfather was there and he was watching everyone as they shared in the joys of a day full with amazing moments.  I was touched by Brett’s mother’s reaction as she clutched the dime and hardwood in her hands…knowing that her father was there. It was a special moment and I am so glad to have caught it for them to look back on.
As we know, there are certain things you just can’t recreate…those genuine emotions and moments are priceless because in a second they’re happening and then *blink* they’re gone the next.